Home or Office Air Purifier + Aroma Diffuser, Ozone Generator & IonizerHome or Office Air Purifier + Aroma Diffuser, Ozone Generator & Ionizer

Home or Office Air Purifier + Aroma Diffuser, Ozone Generator & Ionizer

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Item specifics
  • Certification:CE,RoHS
  • Type:Negative Ion, Polluted Air
  • Style:Air Purifier
  • Application area:<10㎡
  • Wind Speed:Standard
  • Anion Density:>4000000pcs/m³
  • Air Volume:Below 50m³/h
  • Formaldehyde Removal Rate:99.00%
  • Installation:Portable
  • Function:Fragrant
  • Noise:≤25dB
  • Usage Condition:Household
  • Application:3-8m³
  • Power Source:Electrical
  • Model Number:GL-2100
  • Power Supply:Alternating Current
  • Benzene Removal Rate:99.00%
  • Voltage (V):AC220V 50Hz EU plug
  • Power (W):20W
  • Anion Output:7,000,000 pieces/cm3
  • Application:Home / Office Air Cleaning
  • Technologies:Negative ion, Ozone, Fragrant
  • Ozone Output:200 mg/hr
Product Description


Home and Office Air Purifier (filter, ion negative, ozone) and Air Aroma Diffuser, GL-2100

CE, RoHS Certificated “GL2100”: GL-2100 “with one more filter”: GL-2100 +1 more filter (shipping together)

GL-2100 is designed as combination of a air purification and aroma diffuser for home, apartment and office. it works to generate negative ion to clean indoor air quality, or works with ozone for bacteria & virus sterilizing in air.  Negative ion combat harmful positive ions and improves breathing strengthens the immune system. Ozone is function to destroy bacteria, virus, odor and neutralize microorganism. destroy harmful substance and bacteria. 

As well as, GL-2100 act as the aroma diffuser. Dropping oil of your favoriate and turn on air purifier, to feel and get your fade away in fresh ionized air and aroma environment. You can add a various of aromatherapy essential oils, perfume that you loved into diffuser to enjoy created comfortable environment.

GL-2100(5) 100k

GL-2100 air Purifier, Aroma diffuser features

  • Combination of air purification technology and aroma diffuser together
  • Portable design & less maintenance
  • Good choice for household, office, personal air cleaning and aroma


  • Negative Ion Output: 7,000,000 pcs/cm3
  • Ozone Output: 200 mg/hr
  • Product Dimensions: 132×132×167 mm


Replacement for Air Purifier GL-2100 (CB-63854)

GL-2100 Filter(1) 100k



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